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Monday, July 2, 2007

Tempura Battered Fish with 3 Soy Dipping Sauce, Taro Chips and Sesame Salt

This recipe is the on the front cover of the book. Probably because it's so visually impressive and looks so slightly unusual. This is basically Fish N Chips, but as usual, Ezard puts his on twist on it to make it completely different and his own.
To start off with, your fish isn't fried in any old batter it's Tempura batter. For that matter, it's not actually your regualar Tempura batter, either the batter contains lemon juice and lime juice, instead of soda water to give it a definate zing!

Your chips aren't normal chips, but they're deep fried Taro chips, which are finely shredded our julienned. You've also got nice little Taro chips to Garnish. These taste almost exactly like potato chips, but look amazing! The whole dish is seasoned with sesaame salt, which you make yourself by toasting some sesame seeds and pounding them up with sea salt. You also sift a small amount of icing sugar over the top of it all, which gives it a hint of sweetness, balancing out the saltiness and sourness from the lime served on the side.
The best fish to use for this one is Flathead tails as they are a nice short shape and are quick to cook when deep fried.
This dish is outstanding, I've made it on a number of occassions and everyone has loved it. Note the limes, which have been wrapped in muslin, so that when you squeeze it, it stops the pips from going into your food. Brilliant!


IronEaters said...

tt looks impressing! initially i thought it was a dish from a restaurant. great work!

Anna said...

wow, that IS an impressive-looking dish. Very nice. I wish I could magically summon the image to reality on my dinner plate right now.

The Baker & The Curry Maker said...

hooly dooly! this looks divine! i just got a deep fryer for my birthday so i think ill be giving this one a crack! thanks

stickyfingers said...

Looks fabulous, I admire your tenacity. Taro chips? Isn't that a big tray of sliced Lotus root you've photographed? I love fried lotus root - they get so sweet. lotus seeds can be yummy too.

Are you coming to the Bloggers Banquet? Ed over at Tomatom has organised for Melbourne Bloggers to chow down over at the St Kilda Veg Out garden, complete with BBQs & woodfired oven. It would be nice to see the person behind the blog. Details on Ed's blog, a linkback on mine and others too. Cheers!

Ross Hill said...

Hi there,

You might be interested in meeting restauranteur Paul Mathis at The Hive next week - details at http://www.thehive.org.au.

Cheers, Ross

Polecat said...

Looks like Lotus root to me too, not taro. Both are great to eat though :)

Adski said...

The 'chips' are actually Taro, the garnish on top is lotus root.

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