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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Crispy Duck and Wonton Stack with Water Spinach, Candied Chillies, Sticky Soy and Sesame Oil Dressing

Since starting this Challenge, Duck has definately become one of my favourite foods by far. This recipe actually explains to you how to make your own BBQ Crispy Skinned Duck. For those of you who weren't aware, this actually requires you to stick a bike pump under the Duck's skin to get some air in there. This means you'll get a much crispier skin on the Duck when you're cooking it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time (or a bike pump) to do this method, but it's one I'd love to try out sometime, when I have more time. So, on this occasion, I dropped into my favourite BBQ Duck shop in Victoria St, Richmond and picked up half a BBQ Duck for $11 (a whole one is $22) . You can either order these whole or chopped into pieces. It's definately a treat to watch the Duck man chop it up, he sure knows his way around a bird!

You don't need to do a great deal for this recipe, especially in comparison to some other recipes in the book. You'll need to make Candied Chillies, as I've described previously. I just love how the chillies go transparent and look like little lolly rings.

You will also need to make a spicy powder which includes nutmeg, Cinnamon, sichuan peppercorns, star anise, chilli flakes and cardamom.

You'll need to make some sticky soy, which is a reduced combination of 3 different soy sauces, it's a great garnish, but to be honest, is a bit of a pain to make, hard to clean off everything and doesn't taste all THAT different to straight up Kecap Manis, which I think you could easily substitute for the sticky soy.

You need to make a Salad, which is a pretty standard Asian Salad, which is similar to many used throughout Ezard's book, however this one includes noodles and has an excellent little Sesame Oil Dressing.

Deep fry your Won-Ton Wrappers, probably one at a time works best. You only need to have them in for a few seconds, otherwise they will get too dark, you might even need to turn them over to colour them on both sides.

Mix your duck in at the last minute with your salad and then seperate the salad into 2 small portions per person, as each stack has 2 layers. Also, sprinkle each of the Won Ton Wrappers with a pinch of the Spicy Powder.

Drizzle some Sticky Soy in a spiral pattern on your plate and place a Won Ton Wrapper in the middle. Place some duck and salad on top and then another Won Ton and then repeat and you're done!
The crispy texture of the spicy Won Ton's is the perfect accompaniment to this delicious duck salad. The sweet sticky soy mixes perfectly with the salad and the Sesame dressing. It's also a very impressive looking dish to boot!


Cherrie Pie said...

Your family and friends are sooo lucky to have someone like you cook them these amazing meals.

Love your blog. The meals all look so delicious. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your Ezard inspired dishes.

Adski said...

Thank you for your compliments! It's lots of fun cooking all these recipes and I'm learning so much. I strongly recommend having a go at working your way through your favourite Chef's cookbook, it's a great way to learn their techniques.