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Friday, June 22, 2007

Roasted Barramundi with a Red Salad of Baby Beets, Grapefruit, Radicchio, Capers and Marinated Goat's Fetta and Fresh Herb Dressing

Well, that's got to be the longest name for a dish, ever! You'd think with a name like that, the dish would be so intricate and detailed to put together, but not this one. This is a very wintry dish, not because it's warming or comfort food, more because all the ingredients are available around the cooler months.

You start off by roasting your Baby Beets in a dressing of Olive Oil, Balsamic and Brown Sugar. Roast them until soft, sticky and almost caramelized on the outside.

Your red salad is made up of things that are all pretty much red. The Baby Beets, Shredded Radicchio, Ruby Grapefruit and then the non red ingredients, Capers and Marinated Goats Fetta. Instead of Goats Fetta, I substituted Yarra Valley Marinated Persian Fetta, my favourite!

Unfortunately, not one seafood stall at the Vic Market had any Barramundi at all, which was a little unusual. It wasn't that they were sold out, it was just that they didn't have any anywhere! So, I had to make do with another firm, white fleshed fish, the trusty old Blue Eye.

The final part of this dish is the fresh herb oil. You basically just blitz some Parsley, Basil and Mint with a few Capers. This is just to drizzle around the plate at the end.

The colours of this dish are amazing! The green of the oil, the red of the salad and the white of the fish, it's just gorgeous! Unfortunately, the flavours aren't as exciting as I'd hoped. Of course it's tasty, but it's one of the more uninteresting dishes featured in this book. A lot of the other dishes smack you around the head and wake your taste buds right up! But this one is much more mellow and if anything it's the marinated cheese and the Balsamic on the Beet's that give this dish it's kick.

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