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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Five Spice Creme Brulee with Pear Chips and Spicy Sugar

This one took me two goes, because the first time I made it, I made put too much liquid into each bowl, so they never actually set. On the second attempt, I halved the amount I put into the bowls and it set perfectly! I actually had to make the pear chips twice as well. The first time I made them, they were perfect, however, I left them out too long and they went soft again. When I made them the second time, I left them overnight in the oven, but it appears this time it was too high and the pears went dark brown. A little too dark, but not quite burnt. Unfortunately I didn't have time to make them again, so I just used these ones.
The Creme Brulee tasted great. Even though the idea of a Five Spiced Creme Brulee probably sounds weird to a lot of people. It really does work quite well.
I even went out and purchased a domestic blow torch which works a treat! The Creme Brulee had the perfect amount of toffee on the top.
It took a couple of goes, but it really was a success!

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