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Monday, May 7, 2007

Cheddar-Grilled Blue Eye with Panzanella Salad and Olive Oil

Since we're still somewhere near Italy after our delicious Gnocchi and Slow Cooked Lamb, I thought I'd try this nifty little salad with some delicious Blue Eye.
Nothing too out of the ordinary here. This is pretty much your standard Panzanella Salad, but the little tip that Ezard offers, is when you fry your bread cubes, also fry some Rosemary and Garlic in the same fat, to help infuse the flavour into the oil and therefore the bread.

You need to make sure all your Tomato, Cucumber are chopped in nice little cubes. This is where your knife skills that you've been learning will come in handy.

Your fish will require a bit of cooking. You need to fry it first, to crisp up the skin. Then you need to transfer the fish to the oven, until just cooked. You then need to top the fish with the cheddar and grill it til bubbling and golden. I wasn't sure which side to put the cheese on and the recipe didn't specify. So, I made the executive choice of putting it on the flesh side. Normally I would put it on the skin side, but I thought the flesh side up would look a little rounder and different on top of the salad. That's all well and good, but when I grilled the cheese most of it melted off, into the pan.
Place your Panzanella in a large round ring to shape it on the plate. I like to use a little cake ring, without the base. Place the grilled fish on top of your salad and garnish with some parsley. Drizzle some olive oil around the plate and you're done.
Blue eye is a very flakey, soft fleshed fish, so use your delicate hands when moving it about, flipping it over and plating it up, otherwise you could end up with your fish in lots of pieces.
I have to say, that while this fish was tasty, it was the least interesting of the dishes I've made so far. It's a very quick one to put together, so it's handy for impressing at a last minute dinner party. Also, it's pretty cheap to put together, I think it cost approx $30 to serve three people.


Kazmic said...

That looks absolutely delicious!!

Anh said...

Adski, I have been reading your blog for a while and I am so impressed with whatever you cook. :) Great job!

I also have Ezard's Lotus Asian Flavours. The recipes are really impressive even for me, who is from Asia. I will test some recipes from it soon. :)

Adski said...

Kazmic - It was pretty good!

Anh - Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it's nice to know people are actually reading it. Definately give the recipes a go- they're not as hard as they look, but they taste twice as good as they look!

Anna said...

I'm blown away by the things you cook, and the effort you take with presentation - it all looks so good I'm tempted to lick my screen. But I won't.

Where do I find a guy who can cook like this?!?!

Adski said...

Ha! Thanks Anna. I'm glad you like my cooking! I think I'm always too critical of myself, so it's always nice to hear comments like your's!
Haha, you never know... if you look on RSVP, you might find one! ;)

Anna said...

Oooooh no, no way! Tried that years ago, met WAY too many freaks... and not a decent cook among them!

But seriously, keep up the work on both your blogs, I enjoy reading (and drooling). Fabulous work.